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She's quite bold, so Do not try to carry her back again → Elle est très ambitieuse, n'essaie pas de la brider.

vt sep (lit) → vorstrecken, ausstrecken; to carry out anything to any individual → jdm etw hinhalten; to carry out a single’s hand → die Hand ausstrecken; keep your hand out → halt die Hand auf; she held out her arms → sie breitete die Arme aus

gunstock, stock - the cope with of the handgun or perhaps the butt finish of the rifle or shotgun or Section of the guidance of the machine gun or artillery gun; "the rifle were equipped using a special inventory"

c. To maintain from falling or shifting; aid: a nail also smaller to hold the mirror; hold the horse steady; papers which were held together cheap with staples.

retain - have for a supply; "I constantly maintain batteries during the freezer"; "retain foods for a week while italian in the pantry"; "She keeps a sixpack and each week's worthy of of supplies during the fridge"

pressurise, pressurize - maintain a certain strain; "the plane cabin is pressurized"; "pressurize a space go well with"

block - guidance, protected, or elevate with a block; recipies "block a plate for printing"; "block the wheels of a car or truck"

A health care provider plus a nurse caught maintain of his arms → diabetics Un médecin et une infirmière se saisirent de ses bras.

carry - bear or be capable to bear the weight, strain,or duty of; "His endeavours carried your entire shepherds project"; "The amount of credits Is that this pupil carrying?"; "We stock a very substantial home loan"

formalise, formalize - make official or official; "We formalized the appointment and gave him a title"

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